John Bennett, Principal

John Bennett

I help technology companies develop focused, measurable marketing strategies for gaining marketshare and mindshare. I help companies with strategic direction, SWOT analysis, and messaging development. I write everything from white papers to blogs to business plans. I also ghost-write for executives who are too busy to pen that guest column for a business or IT magazine.

In 2006 and the first half of 2007, I served as VP, Marketing for WildPackets (now Savvius), helping the company broaden its portfolio beyond network tools to include solutions for application performance measurement (APM), network forensics, and virtualization management.

I have extensive experience in the security market (including access management, network security, WiFi security, and Web services security), as well as the collaboration and Web conferencing markets.

Current and past clients include Accellion (secure content collaboration), Barnes & Noble (eReaders), Cognio (RF analysis for WLANs; acquired by Cisco), DSi (real-time account screening for financial services), Forum Systems (XML firewalls), LightPole (Mobile Discovery and content publishing for mobile phones), NetContinuum (application firewalls), Proofpoint (email security and network security), Savvius (network and application analysis), Sentilla (pervasive computing solutions), Shape Security (defense against cyberattacks), Skybox Security (risk management for enterprise networks), SnapLogic (Open Source data integration), TYZX (stereo vision systems; acquired by Intel), and Vernier Networks (WLAN security and network access control).

John struck me early on as someone who has an enormous amount of intellectual curiosity and therefore immerses himself completely in his projects. He is equal parts thinker, writer, and investigative reporter. He can cater his work to the appropriate audience (e.g. the 30,000 foot view or a dive into the weeds) with ease and brings both multi-industry experience and a technology understanding to his work. He is truly an extension of our communications team and I am grateful for his contribution.
— Rob Dougherty, Strategic Communications, Accellion

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